On negative KdV equations

报告题目:On negative KdV equations

报告人:Prof. Zhijun QiaoThe University of Texas-Pan American, USA



摘要:In this talk, we report an interesting integrable equation that has both solitons and kink solutions. The integrable equation we study is derived from the negative KdV hierarchy and could be transformed to the Camassa-Holm equation through a gauge transform. The Lax pair of the equation is derived to guarantee its integrability, and furthermore the equation is shown to have classical solitons, periodic soliton and kink solutions. Relations to other well-known systems are also mentioned. The multi-solitons and multi-kink solutions are discussed through Darboux transformation.

报告人简介:Dr. Zhijun Qiao is a tenured Professor in Dept of Math, University of Texas-Pan American. He was awarded as one of the first hundred excellent PhD dissertations in 1999, and he was a Humboldt Research Fellow in Univ of Kassel, Germany, 1999-2001.














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