Algebraic supergroups from functorial view-point

报告题目:Algebraic supergroups from functorial view-point 

报告人:Akira Masuoka, University of Tsukuba



摘要:The simplest way of defining an algebraic group is to define it to be a representable group-valued functor defined on the category of commutative algebras; to be precise, this is called an \emph{affine group scheme}. I believe that the advantage of this functorial view-point becomes clearer when one works with a generalized object in the super context, that is, algebraic supergroups. I will discuss, from the view-point above, fundamentals of algebraic supergroups, including the recent result that the quotient sheaf $G\tilde{/}H$ of an algebraic supergroup $G$ by a closed super-subgroup $H$ is a super-scheme.

This is in part a joint work with Alexandr Zubkov at Omsk in Russia.




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