Category of Brauer diagrams and invariant theory

报告题目: Category of Brauer diagrams and invariant theory

报告人: Ruibin Zhang (University of Sydney)

时间: 2012613(星期三) 10:00-11:00

地点: 理科楼数学系A304

摘要: A category of Brauer diagrams is introduced. Full tensor functors are constructed from this category to the category of tensor representations of the orthogonal group O(V) or the symplectic group Sp(V) over any field of characteristic zero. The first and second fundamental theorems of invariant theory for these classical groups are generalised to the category theoretic setting. The major outcome is that we obtain new presentations for the endomorphism algebras of all tensor powers of V. These are obtained by appending to the standard presentation of the Brauer algebra one additional relation. Integral and quantum analogues of these results are also given, the latter of which involve the BMW algebras. This is joint work with Gus Lehrer.  

联系人: 张贺春

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