A Metaheuristic Approach for Balancing Bicycle Sharing Systems

报告题目A Metaheuristic Approach for Balancing Bicycle Sharing Systems


报告人:胡斌 (Assistant professor at the Vienna University of Technology)






摘要Public bike sharing systems are important alternatives to motorized individual traffic and are gaining popularity in larger cities worldwide. In order to maintain user satisfaction, operators need to actively rebalance the systems so that each station has enough bikes available for rental as well as sufficient free slots for returning them. This is done by a vehicle fleet that moves bikes among the stations. For this purpose we propose a variable neighborhood search metaheuristic that exploits a series of neighborhood structures. While this metaheuristic generates candidate routes for vehicles to visit unbalanced rental stations, the number of bikes to be loaded or unloaded at each stop is efficiently derived by one of three alternative methods based on a greedy heuristic, a maximum flow calculation, and linear programming, respectively.


报告人介绍:Bin Hu is assistant professor at the Algorithms and Data Structures Group of Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms at the Vienna University of Technology. It is the same university where he received his master degree in 2004 and his PhD degree in 2008. His main research interests lie in the area of combinatorial optimization, especially in applying (meta)heuristics,exact- and hybrid techniques on network design problems, transport optimization and logistics. He is an active reviewer for many conferences as well as journals and organized scientific events. Amidst the published papers, there are several works that got him the best paper award.




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