The construction and structural Properties of (k,g)-cages

报告题目The construction and structural Properties of (k,g)-cages


报告人Yuqing Lin The University of NewcastleAustralia






摘要A (k;g)-cage is a k-regular graph with girth g and the lest possible number of vertices. Cages were introduced by Tutte in 1947 and not many Cages been discovered so far. In this talk, we will summarize the known structural properties of Cages and some construction techniques been explored in constructing Cages and related graphs.


报告人简介: Dr. Yuqing Lin has obtained his PhD in 2004 and current a senior lecturer at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Newcastle, Australia. His main research area is in Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics, especially on extremal graph theory and extremal graph construction. He has published more then 40 SCI indexed journal papers and awarded a few competitive grants, including Australia Research Council Discovery Project, Australia-China Collaboration grants.




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