Nilpotent orbits and springer representations

报告题目: Nilpotent orbits and springer representations


报告人: 薛婷(清华毕业,MIT做了博士,现在USA西北大学)


时间: 201375(星期五)16:00-17:00


地点: 理科楼数学系A304


摘要: Representation theory is connected to various areas of mathematics, such as harmonic analysis, mathematical physics, and number theory. In the geometric approach to the representation theory of reductive algebraic groups, some geometric objects are important in different contexts and the Springer theory always occurs. The theory works uniformly for Lie algebras over complex numbers and in finite characteristic except for certain small primes; these small primes are traditionally called bad. It is important to understand the theory at all primes, for example, for the purposes of number theory. Via an explicit geometric construction, the Springer correspondence relates nilpotent orbits in the Lie algebra of a connected reductive algebraic group to irreducible representations of its Weyl group. We extend the theory of Springer correspondence to bad characteristics.


联系人: 徐帆


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