Workshop on Networks and Collective Behaviour:Analysis and Applications

ROOM A406, New Science Building, Tsinghua


23rd Sept (Monday)


10:00--10:50 A Spence (University of Bath), Perturbation Theory for eigenvalues of symmetric matrices with application to analysis of networks


11:00--11:50 Heng Liang (Tsinghua), Clustering and Ranking for Network Data


13:30--14:20 Tim Rogers (University of Bath), Conformity and consensus in the adaptive voter model


14:30--15:20 XuJin Chen (CAS), The price of anarchy for selfish routing with egalitarian objectives


15:30--15:50 Break


15:50--16:40 Dick James (University of Bath), Networks in ecology and Evolution


16:50--17:40 Rongquan Feng (PekingU), On the Construction of Time-Phase Signal Sets



24th Sept (Tuesday)


10:00--10:50 Jon Dawes (University of Bath), Efficient information transmission in directed networks


11:00--11:50 Mei Lu (Tsinghua), Fault tolerance of interconnection networks





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