Constrained Willmore Surfaces: Theory and Experiment

报告题目: Constrained Willmore Surfaces: Theory and Experiment


报告人: Franz Pedit (University of Tuebingen, Germany; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)


时间: 20131231(星期二)16:00-17:00


地点: 理科楼数学系A404


摘要: Constrained Willmore surfaces are critical points for the Willmore energy under variations of the surface preserving its conformal structure. We will explain the (very few) known results for compact surfaces in general and then focus on the case of tori. Here theoretical results and experimental work (equivariant examples, conformal Willmore flow) come together to suggest a first picture of what a ``constrained Willmore conjecture" might look like.


报告人简介:Franz Pedit教授是德国Tuebingen大学和美国UMass, Amherst的教授,他与TU BerlinUlrich Pinkall 教授长期合作,用可积系统、四元数分析研究共形曲面论,特别是常平均曲率曲面、Willmore曲面等的构造和几何作图,是国际上一个有声望有影响的研究团队。二人的合作工作曾由Pinkall教授在1998年国际数学家大会上做45分钟报告。




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