Wasserstein metric and seismic exploration

报告题目:Wasserstein metric and seismic exploration


报告人:Björn Engquist, Professor of University of Texas at Austin


时间:201466(星期五) 1030-1130




摘要: In seismic exploration a wave field is generated at the surface and reflections from the earths interior are recorded. The purpose is to find properties such as wave velocity and location of reflecting sub layers. This is done in an inverse process where the measurements are compared to a computed wave field with unknown coefficients in the wave equation. We will discuss two aspects of this process. One is the fast computation of the wave field and the other the choice of metric in the comparison between the measurements and the computed wave field. We propose Wasserstein metric for this comparison and the metric can be determined by solving the Monge-Ampère equation.


报告人简介: Prof. Bjorn Engquist has been a leading contributor in applied mathematics and scientific computing. He received his Ph.D. from University of Uppsala in 1975. He has worked in many famouse universities, inlcuding University of Uppsala, University of California-Los Angeles, Princeton University, Royal Institute of Technology and University of Texas at Austin.

According to MathSciNet database, Prof. Bjorn Engquist has authored more than 100 scientific publications with more than 2400 citations. He has advised more than 38 Ph.D. students, including Weinan E, Thomas Hou, Jian-Guo Liu and Hongkai Zhao. Prof. Bjorn Engquist has wide research interests. His research results has deeply influenced many fields, e.g. Multi-scale Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Frequency Wave Computation and Computational Seismology. He has received numerous awards. In 1982 and 1998, he has been an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians.



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