Non-commutative harmonic analysis—Everything about a 2 x 2 matrix

报告题目:Non-commutative harmonic analysis—Everything  about  a 2 x 2 matrix.


报告人:Prof. Man-Duen Choi, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto






摘要: We look into the hard analysis of 2 x 2 matrices in the setting of non-commutative geometry and non-commutative probability. There are  many questions of  unknown depth, in the  recent advances of quantum Information,  in the light of (the reality) of quantum computers. This talk agrees with my personal preference of using 2 x 2 matrices for theory  (but 3 x 3 matrices for counter-examples).


报告人简介:蔡文端先生是加拿大多伦多大学数学系教授,加拿大皇家科学院院士。他的研究工作主要是算子理论、算子代数、矩阵分析、量子信息中的数学理论。其学术成就蜚声国际,其研究成果有多于75篇文章被他人引用超过4700次(according to Google Scholar Search 2014 May)。特别是他在1975年发表的一篇数学论文(MD Choi, Completely positive linear maps on complex matrices, Linear algebra and its applications 10 (3), 1975, 285-290)奠定了量子信息理论的数学研究基础,该论文被认为是量子信息理论的经典之作,目前该文被SCI引用1000多次。以下为Choi教授所获得的荣誉:

 Fellow of Royal Society of Canada since 1985

 Israel Halperin Prize winner, 1980

 Canadian Mathematical Society Coxeter-James Prized Lecturer, 1983

 Honorary Chair Professor of National Sun Yat-Sen University , Taiwan, since July, 2012






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