Theory Based Construction of Atomistic/Continuum Coupling Methods

报告题目:Theory Based Construction of Atomistic/Continuum Coupling Methods


报告人:张镭 (上海交通大学数学系)




地点: 理科楼数学A404


摘要:We discuss the construction of quasi-optimal energy based atomistic/continuum (A/C) coupling methods for crystalline solids with defects, based on tools from numerical analysis. For general multi-body interactions on the 2D triangular lattice (and potentially for 3D lattices), we show that ghost force removal (patch test consistent) A/C methods can be constructed for arbitrary interface geometries. We prove that all methods within this class are first-order consistent at the atomistic/continuum interface. The rigorous error analysis of the coupling methods leads to their optimal implementation. For a range of benchmark problems, the resulting consistent coupling methods have the same convergence rates as optimal force-based coupling schemes. This is a joint work with Christoph Ortner (Warwick).


报告人简介:报告人简介:张镭,上海交通大学数学系、自然科学研究院特别研究员,美国加州理工学院博士。研究方向:多尺度建 模,分析和计算,以及在材料科 学,地球物理科学,生命科学等领域中的应用。



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