Grey sets - a bridge between fuzzy sets and rough sets


题目:Grey sets - a bridge between fuzzy sets and rough sets

报告人:杨英杰 (英国De Montfort University教授

时间201766日 周二 下午 4:00-5:30



摘要:Fuzzy sets and rough sets are two different models in computational intelligence, and they represent different uncertainties in sets. However, fuzzy sets and rough sets can overlap with grey sets under special conditions, thus it provides a link between the two different models.  In this talk, I will review the basic concepts of fuzzy sets, rough sets, grey numbers and grey sets, and give some simple examples to explore the uncertainty measurement for a grey number or a grey set. Then I will discuss the relationships between grey sets, fuzzy sets and rough sets, and illustrate the fact that a grey set could be converted into a fuzzy set or a rough set under some special conditions.




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