Applications of Optimal Transport and the Wasserstein Metric


报告人:Prof. B. Froese, Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

题目:Applications of Optimal Transport and the Wasserstein Metric




摘要:The problem of finding the most cost-efficient rearrangement of one distribution into another dates back to the eighteenth century.  The optimal cost also yields a metric between the two densities, known as the Wasserstein metric.  In recent years, this optimal transportation has found application in numerous fields.  We review several of these applications, with particular focus on problems in geometric optics and seismic full waveform inversion. We describe several important properties of optimal transport maps and the Wasserstein metric that explain the widespread applicability of optimal transportation methods.

报告人简介:B. Froese教授2012年毕业于加拿大Simon Fraser University。之后在The University of Texas at Austin做博士后。2015年就职于New Jersey Institute of Technology。她最近在优化输运领域中有一些重要工作,包括Monge-Ampere方程的数值求解,Wasserstein度量的应用等方面。




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