Perspectives on CR Geometric Analysis


题目  Perspectives on CR Geometric Analysis

报告人:Professor Shu-Cheng Chang (台湾大学)

时间201775 周三)下午4:00-5:00

地点: 理科楼A404

摘要:A central problem of modern geometry and geometric analysis is the geometrization problem on manifolds. It is to determine which smooth manifolds admit certain geometric structures. In particular, one of goals in geometric analysis is to understand and classify the singularity models of the nonlinear geometric equation, and to connect it to existence problem of geometric structures on manifolds.Along these aspects, we will introduce some new and fundamental works on CR geometric analysis. In this talk, we will focus on the following topics : 

    (I) The Torsion Flow in a Three-Dimensional CR Manifold

    (II) The CR Cheeger-Colding-Gromov Theorem

    (III) The CR Frankel Conjecture and Gap Theorem

    (IV) On the CR Reilly Formula and Yau Eigenvalue Conjecture

    (V)  On the CR Minkowski-Type Inequality

    (VI) On the CR Sigma-k Yamabe Problem



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