A new Minkowski formula for free boundary hypersurfaces

报告人:Prof. Guofang Wang  (University of Freiburg)

时间:2018928日(星期五)15:00 -- 16:00



摘要:In the first part of the talk we introduce  a new Minkowski formula for free boundary hypersurfaces. Using this formula we solve the stability problem for free boundary CMC hypersurfaces, which is a longstanding open problem. Moreover we use it to establish various geometric inequalities, from which we give a proof of Alexandrov type theorem. In the second part by using this Minkowski formula we introduce two classes of curvature flows for free boundary hypersurfaces, following the ideas of Guan-Li. With these flows we solve various isoperimetric problems for free boundary hypersurfaces.

This talk is based on the joint work with Xia Chao and Julian Scheuer.


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