How Negative Can a Negative Ion Be?

TitleHow Negative Can a Negative Ion Be?


SpeakerHeinz Siedentop, Ludwig Maximilian Muenchen Unitversitaet


Date: 3:30-4:30 pm; March 14; 2013


PlaceConference Room A304, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Abstract: We give an overview over some conjectured and known facts about the maximal number of electrons that atoms and quantum dots can bind. We discuss this in various contexts: experimentally, in simple density functionals, for atoms described by Schroedinger operators, and eventually for artificial atoms, so called quantum dots, in a graphene layer described by a pseudo-relativistic operator. The main result is based on joined work with Michael Handrek (Munich) and on a general Hardy type inequality obtained with Li Chen (Peking).


ContactLi Chen


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