An introduction to algebraic fundamental group

TitleAn introduction to algebraic fundamental group


SpeakerJilong TongUniversité Bordeaux 1


Time10:00-11:00 am; April 25; May 9; 2013


PlaceConference Room A404, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Abstract: The aim of the lecture is to gives a brief introduction to the etale fundamental group. We will first recall the construction of algebraic fundamental group and some of its basic properties.

Then we will discuss Grothendieck's section conjecture, which was first stated in his famous letter to Faltings in1983 as a part of his vast anabelian geometry progrogram. Untill now, the section conjecture is still widely open, but due to the works of many people, we have seem many important progress during the last ten years. In this lecture, I will try to discuss some basic aspects of this important conjecture.


ContactLinsheng Yin



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