Non-commutative harmonic analysis—Everything about a 2 x 2 matrix

Title: Non-commutative harmonic analysis—Everything  about  a 2 x 2 matrix.

Speaker : Prof. Man-Duen Choi, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto


Date: 16:00-17:00pm, June 11, 2014


Place: Conference Room A304, Department of Mathematical Sciences


Abstract: We look into the hard analysis of 2 x 2 matrices in the setting of non-commutative geometry and non-commutative probability. There are  many questions of  unknown depth, in the  recent advances of quantum Information,  in the light of (the reality) of quantum computers. This talk agrees with my personal preference of using 2 x 2 matrices for theory  (but 3 x 3 matrices for counter-examples).


ContactJianlian Cui


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